Recs for an affordable USB C hub for M1 MBA?

Bought a cheap one on Amazon a couple months ago. Of course, it just stopped passing power through it.

This one:

What do you guys recommend for a USB-C hub that would allow me to add some USB A items easily? I don’t need anything for an external display. Thanks!

I have had a Kingston Nucleum for a few years. It has been very reliable.

I also have this Anker 4-Port which I use on a different computer. It’s just ports. Nothing fancy. Also very reliable.

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I can’t fault any of my Hyper products. Great hubs and chargers.

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I’ve heard a number of folks on Relay rave about the CalDigit hub, possibly even on MPU.

I’m also sort of in the market for a hub that’s got USB-A ports, power pass-through, HDMI, an SD slot, and optionally Ethernet - and compatible with both my M1 Air and Windows 10. I have an Anker that covers most of those but the HDMI doesn’t play nice with my work laptop. So I’ll be watching this thread and taking notes :slight_smile:

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The Hyper hubs do all of that but are limited to USB-C. I use the hyperdrive add-on docks for my MBP and iPad Pro when out and about and have the bigger one stationary in the office as a convenient 1 cable setup.

At home I went all-in on Thunderbolt. If you have one of the new M1 you should be looking at the Caldigit and OWC Thunderbolt 4 hubs to extend your options. I daisy-chained the Caldigit Element hub with the Caldigit TS3+ for all the I/O I will ever need. It is not a mobile solution though.


When I upgraded to my M1 MacBook Air I went with the OWC Travel Dock E.

Two USB 3.2 Type-A ports, HDMI 2.0 port, SD card reader, Gigabit Ethernet port, and USB-C power pass through.

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I’ve been using the Anker USB C Hub, PowerExpand 8-in-1 USB C Adapter with my M1 MacBook Pro for months and continue to be very happy with it. While I currently only use it at my desk, it’s also highly portable (and even comes with a case).

I’m currently using this hub for:

  • Power delivery
  • External 4K monitor (60Hz HDMI)
  • Connecting my monitor’s USB Hub (which, in turn, connects to a Blue Yeti and Stream Deck)
  • 4K Webcam (USB-C)

What’s great about this setup is that I still have a USB-A port available on the hub and am only using one of the two ports on my M1 MacBook Pro.