Red Cherry Brown Switch Keyboads for Mac?

Does anyone have a good Cherry Brown Switch Keyboard recommendations for Mac? I’m interested in giving one a try. I currently use an apple extended keyboard ii at home. This would be for my office at work.

I know Daskeyboard makes Mac-specific keyboards. Not a big mechanical guy myself though.

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My preferred keyboard is the Code Keyboard and they offer some the Cherry Brown switches, as well as green, clear, and blue. They have also recently added ZEALIO switches.

One of the reasons I prefer Code Keyboards to Das Keyboard is there are hardware DIP switches that allows you to set up they keyboard for Mac native operation that will just work when you plug it in. Which means you don’t need to go to they Keyboard prefs and set modifier keys for every login, partition or machine you attaché the keyboard to.


The last time I purchased a keyboard for my boss, I researched it at, then purchased it from

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I own a new, unused Das Keyboard 4 Pro, with volume knob, transport controls and cherry-blue switches… Those blue keys are too loud for me.

Within the warranty period I had one key die and 2-3 others on the way, so I contacted the company, sent back my keyboard and expected them to fix it. The good news: they sent me a new replacement keyboard. The bad news: they sent me one with Windows keys! It works on Macs, but the idea of having to use those too-clacky keys plus see Windows icons/commands had me leave the thing in the box it came in, untouched.

(If anyone wants a new Das Keyboard at a bargain price hit me up!)

I like the company for standing behind its products, even if the replacement wasn’t precisely what I’d sent them. If I had to go for a cherry red/brown keyboard I’d consider them again, but I’d go for quieter cherry-brown switches.

Thanks! I really lik the simplicity of the design. I think I might give the code keyboard a try.

I have one of these with the Cherry Brown switches. I definitely recommend. :+1:

You’re welcome. If you really want to go down this rabbit hole, try

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Filco Majestouch 2 with cherry brown switches here, and I love it.

I also use a code keyboard and absolutely love it.

So many choices! I’m so tempted but need to be good for a few months.

So an update. I was able to get a blue switch keyboard thanks to the help @bowline (thanks man!). I love it. I do have to close my office door when using it just because the sound bugs her a little, but not an issue most of the time. I had an Extended Mac Keyboard, but those Alp switches just didn’t work for me. With both the apple magic keyboard and the blue switch keyboard I’m at about 70 wpm, on those alps switches I’m at 40 wpm.

After getting the Das keyboard I’ve become more conscious of how bad the macbook pro 13" keyboard is. I even prefer typing on the iPad keyboard.

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