Redirecting iPad Air 2 output to an HDMI monitor

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While working from home from during this Corona pandemic, I often need to wait for tests to finish, so I have a lot of dead time before I can proceed.
I have my work laptop connected to two HDMI monitors, they have been working out quite well.

I often watch training webinars to keep my skills up.
I usually watch these on my ipad, because I use both HDMI monitors for my work laptop. However, it would be helpful to watch these on one of the HDMI montors because the display is larger. Some of the webinars are not directly work-related, so I’d rather not have that IP traffic going across my work VPN connection. The ipad’s Wifi is connected to my home router, which avoids that VPN link.

I have a 4th Gen Apple Tv connected to our TV in the living room, but I’d rather not need to move that from room to room.

As I see it, I have 2 options to get the video output from my iPad Air 2 to an HDMI monitor.

  1. Buy a second Apple TV
  2. Buy a lightning to HDMI cable such as these:

$18 Lightning to HDMI

$42 Why is this one so much more expensive???

Do any of you have other recommendations? Is there that much difference in quality from one adapter to the other?

I probably should look into an HDMI switcher too, so that I don’t need to keep plugging/unplugging the cables. If you have a recommendation for this, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, and stay safe!

I have only used the Apple one, which works great.

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I read the Amazon reviews for that, there are quite a few which report that the adapter stopped working in a short amont of time.

I’ve only used the Apple one as well. Worked great! Only reason I stopped using it was because I upgraded to the iPad Pro with USB C.

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Did you need to run an app to use with this adapter?

no just plug it in and the system recognizes it


You can probably find a used Apple tv for cheap. Otherwise the adapters work. I generally pay the Apple tax and buy those because they are high quality.