Reference software to complement OmniFocus(3)

A few times the question about which reference software is being used alongside OmniFocus gets asked. I’ve not found a thread for that conversation here!

So OF(3) users, what software or service have you chosen to store notes and files in which you can link back and forth to in OF?

What do you love about it?
What’s missing?

I’ve so far been introduced to Bear, DevonThink and Agenda. I am curious about recommendations from the MPU community.

At this point, I am storing links and various files which last longer than an OF project, and which I want to find easily in the future. Same software for both iOS and MacOS preferred.

Please share any articles you think might help me and those of us interested in this topic.

Thank you



Great question and one I wrestle with too.
Right now I’m using ithoughts mindmappig software. I can drop links to specific branches in mindmaps into omnifocus notes to hold key reference info. The links work perfectly on iOS and Mac, either way is fine. The ithoughts mindmap can hold photos, pdfs, keynote or any other attachments which is what makes it so handy.

I use Bear for extended notes.

I’ve taken the extra step of hacking together a Keyboard Maestro action to create a new Bear note and linking the note and task together. Not being able to write any Apple Script it’s a real menu bar based hack, but it (sort of) works.

For a while I was using a Shortcut that Fraser Speirs wrote to link an OmniFocus project with a note in Bear (and vice versa) but I didn’t find myself using the linked note very often.

At this point I just keep reference material in nested folders in Dropbox.

Good idea for a thread.

I link to whatever program makes the most sense to the note. For example:

  • Articles or most documents: x-devonthink-item://
  • Google Docs or websites: http://
  • Emails: message://
  • Notes or maps: tinderbox://
  • Most everything else: hook://

Have a look at @LucCogZest’s Hook app. As it’s name implies, it’s good for hooking things together. Notes, files, websites.

At the moment, I’m using Notebooks for note taking. Agenda is getting really good now, so I might move back to it.

I’m having a bit of cognitive difficulty with notes apps, as they are (perhaps) too one-dimensional. I should probably take my own advice, sharpen the saw and put things into TheBrain.