Refurbished iPhone in the UK

Does anybody have any recommendations of a reliable place to purchase a refurbished iPhone from in the UK? I’ve a friend who’s looking to replace her aging iPhone 5S but can’t afford new and doesn’t want to take part in the eBay lottery. I’ve no experience buying second hand phones so not sure where’s trusted.


Apple Store certified refurbs:


With some prior experience with friends and family being burnt with used sales, the only place I’d trust is the certified refurbs on the Apple Store as @bowline mentioned above.

Unfortunately Apple in the UK does not sell refurbished iPhones which eliminates that as an option.

I have found Argos and Currys eBay outlets to be a good place to get devices, and Amazon if the seller is Amazon (3rd parties can be a nightmare, but if it’s sold by Amazon then you have easier recourse if it’s not what you expected).

Thanks. I’d checked the Apple refurbished and clearence store for the UK and there are no iPhones listed at all.

Amazon has a list of second hand and refurbished iPhones but, like eBay, they all seem to be from third-party companies which I have no experience with so was looking to see if anyone had any possitive results from anyone in particular.

Thanks Rosemary, Argos eBay store seems to have a few options, and Currys store is selling off iPhones Se for £239 which may work nicely as a replacement.

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John Lewis too, for £239 and a 2 year warranty is included :sunglasses:

Thanks. An iPhone Se is looking like the best option at the moment. GiffGaff are currently selling them off for £199 in-case anyone knows someone who is looking for a cheap replacement iPhone.

So my friend has decided to go with a new iPhone Se from GiffGaff (see link above).

Thanks all