Rejoining or Merging clips in Screenflow

I have a lengthy screen recording where someone was training me on a new process. The original call was over 2 hours, but had a lot of pauses, off topic discussions, calls/texts with others, etc. I am going through and deleting those sections of the video and audio tracks, which is creating a lot of small segments/clips. Now, I have multiple clips and I don’t want that. I want to be able to merge or rejoin all of those small clips into one single clip. Is that possible?
Also, for this project, I have an audio track and the video recording of the screen. There is a section where I cut out the audio for a few seconds, so there’s a gap. I want to join the clips, but maintain that gap to keep the audio and video in sync.

You can’t join clips. What’s the goal you’re looking for here? if you want a single video file then export is the option you’re after, but as someone who creates screencasts regularly, lots of small chunks are to be expected and usually a sign that things are going well! There is a “group” feature which links clips together, but this is invisible.

Small clips as in gaps on the timeline where you’ve cut the video and audio tracks? If so, you can drag them together. Another thing to look into is ripple delete, which closes the gaps for you as it deletes.

Thanks Rosemary, I stumbled across the Group option after I posted this. It was in a different place versus where the Google search said it was though. Mainly, I want to be able to move the timeline and not have to worry about it wrecking everything around it.