Relay FM for St. Jude (2022)

Hey everyone, we’re back at it, raising money for St. Jude during the month of September!

This is so important to all of us at Relay FM. Not only did St. Jude save the life of my son, but it serves children with cancer from all around the world — without ever charging their families for treatment. This incredible work is only possible thanks to donors like us! Since 2019, the Relay family has raised $1.5 million which is amazing.

We’d love have you involved again this year. You can donate here:


And, of course, the 8-hour Podcastathon is returning! It’ll be live on Relay’s Twitch channel and on YouTube for playback later! Friday, September 16th from 12-8 PM Eastern!

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Thank you for partnering with St. Jude! I will definitely be donating!

I actually used to donate to St. Jude when Sears and Kmart were still in my area, so I’m glad to see Relay FM jumping in too! :blush: