's Live stream URL (for VLC/Audio Hijack) changed


Let me start with a disclaimer: is the place to go to listen live to the shows which record live.

You can also use the iOS app.

That has not changed.

However, for Mac Power Nerds…

If you (like me) use VLC and/or Audio Hijack to listen / record, the stream URL changed from: [THIS IS OLD. DOES NOT WORK. DO NOT USE.]


(I believe that this was due to them moving to a better / stronger / faster server, which I believe I heard @ismh mention he wanted to do before WWDC. Either that or Stephen just wanted to break all of my scripts and Audio Hijack configurations because he’s a big meanie.)

((I don’t really think Stephen is a big meanie. I assume this was just a change they made which had the unfortunate side-effect of breaking some edge cases for 0.0001% of their listeners, including me. Also: is a better hostname for their streaming server than but I suppose if they ever change the software used for the live-feed, then the URL might change again, most likely the :8000/stream part, but that’s just life on the interweb.))


If you’d like to know more listening / recording live using VLC & Audio Hijack, I wrote about it at

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