Remapping the caps lock key to a hyper key

I heard the boys mention this in episode #496: Keyboard Hacking with Brett Terpstra. They mentioned remapping the Caps Lock key to the hyper key of shift-control-option-command. How does one do this? The OS only allows you to change the CL key to a single key, not multiple keys and Keboard Maestro seems to have some issues with being able to do it or else I just have not found the correct article. Any thoughts on how to do this?

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Check out this post, which gets into it.

Thank you Even. What I do not understand is how to import the json file into Karabiner.

OK, I figured it out. Finally found a .json file that makes the CapsLock work like I want.

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To re-map to shift-ctrl-option-command you would not need a json file?
It is a standard feature of Karabiner. (Check the complex modifications tab)