Remarkable e-ink tablet for deep work

You can’t flip the device 180 can you, so the wide casing edge is on the right? In which case, they’ve not made the use equal for left handed and right handed users. Left handed users don’t have an edge to hold the device with their right hand, and they have to write over / rest their hand on a margin that isn’t present for right handed users.

It also means for left handed users, the stylus is never secure on the side you need it - it’s always on the right and you have to cross over the device to reach it. Even if you could flip the device 180, I understand that the magnet to secure the stylus is positioned on the top right without a twin on the bottom right, which means if they did a software update to allow the device to be flipped, left handed users would have their pencils positioned upside down when secure because there’s only one place you can attach the stylus.

I’m not saying left-handed users can’t use the Remarkable 2 (or other devices - we have after all collectively had decades of putting up with this issue), I’m saying they haven’t provided feature parity, and since others on the market have put thought into this I’d rather shop with them. In the same way that I don’t use a mouse designed for a right handed user.


I’m also a lefty; I’d definitely like to see 180 support and vertically symmetrical hardware in the RM3.

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