Remember The Milk

Is anyone still using this?

I am desperately trying to find my task solution - OF too much/ cannot get into and or constantly want to use either Reminders or Things etc etc…

Thats when I remembered RTM… is it just nostalgia bringing me in?! Reminds me of an easier life!!!

It does look like its changed in years…

I’m still (heavily) using it (for many years).

Finished over 12,000 tasks in it last year…


So you would definitely recommend it!!

What keeps you there??

I’m not sure I recommend it; they have some annoying sync issues and I don’t see much development activity.

I have a lot of data in there (and automations set up to add even more data automatically); moving to a different service seems an “enormous” amount of work (and I’m not sure those have all the RTM integrations that I use/like).

Oh that is a shame… I shall continue my search!!!

You could give it a try to see whether it works for you?

(Apparently it still does for me; otherwise I would not have finished so many tasks…)

I wish there was a way to try the pro without having to commit for a year!

How do you deal with templates? Most of my projects have the same list of tasks (I am an accountant!) - is there anyway of dealing with that?

In all seriousness, have you tried Apple Notes? It handles checklists well. You could use TextExpander or similar to create templates

To be fair that is an awesome idea - thank you

I have a list “Templates” from which I copy tasks to projects, but that’s mainly for tasks than I can copy “as is”.

For irregular recurring projects/tasks with titles that require changes (parameters) I have shell/NodeJS scripts that insert such tasks.

Semi-artificial example: executing “ios-rtm 16.3” will insert the tasks “Update iPhone to iOS 16.3” and “Update iPad to iPadOS 16.3” in RTM.

MilkScript (the latest new feature) might be useful as well, but I have not experimented much with that yet.

I used RTM for years and years. Every couple of years, I take it for a spin and am always sad to see its lack of progress. My biggest example is the lack of notification badges on the Mac app (which is just a web wrapper.)

The closest modern equivalent is probably Todoist if you really loved RTM’s natural language processing.

Just the price of Todist is something else…!!

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I logged into RTM and was amused to watch a snapshot of my life in 2008. is still around, and apparently it’s free (beware the business model!).

But I think the safest bet is to just use Apple Reminders, hard to beat that if you are into the Apple ecosystem.

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Wow. Thank you for this idea. My snapshot is 2009. I’m almost in tears with the emotions prompted by those old list names, locations and contexts!