Remembering the butterfly keyboard fondly (don't shoot!)

I pulled my 2017 MBP out of storage this morning, as I finally discovered a use for this aging machine.

First of all: I was pleasantly surprised by how quick it still was with a fresh install of Ventura. I laughed as the fans spun up – I forgot they were so loud – but after an initial Photos download and Spotlight indexing, they died down even while running a couple of Electron apps. It’s certainly slower than my M1 Maxbook, but it’s really no slouch for day-to-day tasks.

Now the part I’m ready to get thrown out for: I am loving typing on this keyboard. I forgot how much I liked it. Reliability issues, sure, but the clicky typing experience is so satisfying. I really wish Apple had released a standalone keyboard in this style while it was still around. I would love to be able to use it with a more modern machine.

I’m also ashamed to be slightly enjoying the renewed novelty of the touchbar. I am evil.

Am I alone? I fear yes, but i thought I’d make sure.

Happy new year, all!


I’m a big fan of the butterfly keyboard for the same reason. Such a satisfying typing experience. I have a 2018 MBP that I use when I travel, and I really enjoy using it.

I did have to have the keyboard replaced - I snuck it in at the very end of the replacement program - but so far it’s working well.

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You are not alone. I loved the feel of the butterfly keyboard: stable keys, ultra-low travel, crisp response. Most keyboards feel mushy to me now.

If it hadn’t been so faulty mechanically, I’d heartily agree with you about the feel.

I agree the performance of the i7 in those things is still strong. I use my 2017 for clamshell/hub activities and to run some things that don’t work on ARM when away from the desktop. While its thermal performance wasn’t perfect, it didn’t have nearly the level of problems as the 2019-2020 MBPs did in performing at the level the buyer was trying to pay for.

Loved the tactile feeling of the keyboard in my MBAdorable. Even with having one replaced it was a pleasure to use.

I like the Touch Bar — not out of the box, but with BetterTouchTool. I configured the Touch Bar to replicate what I have on the Stream Deck when I’m at my desk. I’m already pondering how I’ll do that when I move on from my M1 MacBook Pro. I’ll probably have to set up a keystroke to call up a menu with all the choices I currently have on the Touch Bar.

And at the time, I felt the same as you about the keyboard. I felt like I could fly typing on it, and really liked it. But there is something to be said about having a little give to the keys, so I like the current crop of keyboards, too. I guess I’m just not that finicky and will like anything put in front of me.

I like the Touch Bar out of the box – but I have a model with a physical escape key, which I think makes all the difference.

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