Remind me of this tomorrow

How did I not know this?

I’ve just read in another thread that if, while looking at an app on your iPad or iPhone (and Mac, I think), you tell Siri to “remind me of this tomorrow” it will create a new reminder with a link back to the thing you’re looking at.

I’ve tested it in a these apps on my iPad and they added a reminder and a link:

  • NetNewsWire added a link to the article I was reading
  • hey mail added a link to the email I was reading.
  • Safari added a link to the page I was browsing.
  • fantastical added a link to the appointment I’d selected

Obsidian didn’t do the link thing but siri did ask me what I wanted to be reminded about.

MindNode stored a link to open MindNode, but not the document I’d been looking at.

I created a new post because this little gem was hidden inside another that, I guess, many wouldn’t see.


I think the app needs deep linking implemented for this to work which is probably why Obsidian and MindNode were standouts - I’d presume they don’t have deep linking implemented.

Probably the same reason why MindNode doesn‘t have QuickNote support. We need to provide a fixed URL to the system that works across platforms. MindNode will migrate to a new document model starting at the end of this year and our new app should support this.