Reminders & defer dates?

Is it possible to use defer dates for tasks in Reminders in some way?

I would like try to use Reminders but I have found that the combo of defer and due dates works for my brain. I assume that there is no way to do this but I would love to be proven wrong.

I am not sure about how you might defer dates in Reminders, but I set certain reminders to repeat weekly so that eventually they will be attended to!

Well Kind off. While there is no UI available for that as far as I can see, it would be possible to build something like that with Shortcuts - just tried it quickly and it worked :+1: (tested on iOS 15.1.1)

Can you describe the idea behind your shortcut?

I have things that need to be done, once, but I can’t do anything about it until end of February (this is just one example) and it have a deadline in march. So I just want to hide items like these until it’s time to start doing something.

This is a missing feature of Reminders. In both Things and OF one can set a defer date (in Things that is the “When” date).

While I’d like to have that feature, "for me* (I’m not attempting to speak for others) not having it is not a major problem because I’m faithful with my weekly review. I’ll also use the Flag feature to “alert” me for items that I don’t need to start yet but soon will. Anything Flagged means start working on it soon or now. I’m stingy when assigning Flags. Out of 184 tasks, I only have two flagged.

You could also use the Smart List feature and assign relative dates, e.g., anything starting in x weeks/days. These are similar to OF perspectives. For example, I have a Smart List called “This Week.” It shows me everything I need to work on for the week. I set these dates the Friday before during my weekly review.

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I think I missunderstood your meaning of defer date - my apologies.
I thought you wanted to defer a task to a later date like +1 week or so. This can be accomplished by a shortcut that allows you to perform a search for tasks from a specific list, flagged, tagged and so forth and then defer the date to a certain time/date or timeframe.

However I’m not aware of anything that lets you hide tasks like OF let’s you do. Well you could hide the default folders for scheduled and today tasks and have a smart list that selectively show tasks matching certain criteria (due in the next 1 week and flagged) - this to me seems like the only option to kind of „hide“ tasks you cannot work on right now.

Hope that gives an idea and sorry for my misinterpretation.

Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately I’m not as disciplined :yum: so I need to take that into consideration. I like that OF hides stuff until it’s time to start doing something.

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No problem, thanks for the ideas.