Reminders from Share Menu missing


I installed Monterey on my new MacBook 14 inch M1 Pro (What a lovely machine!) and I wanted to share an email to Reminders - but I can not find Reminders in the share Menu. Under System Settings - Extensions - Share Menu, there is NO Reminders to be seen.

Any suggestions how I can fix this?



That is very strange! In my “share menu” settings Reminders is part of the list I can choose from…?
(in Dutch, but share menu options is displayed)


In the past I found that opening the app several times, and then rebooting the machine fixed this sometimes for other apps?

Reminders is in my share list as well and I use that feature constantly.

I have rebooted several times - but nothing. I had reminders open before.

This is really very strange - also that the list of share extensions is so short…

Does reminders appear in any Share sheet – like in Safari or Pages, etc.?

You could try to reset the privacy settings for Reminders with this command in Terminal

tccutil reset Reminders

If you thing more than just Reminders is hosed, then very thoughtfully try to reset everything

tccutil reset all

This last one will result in a lot of clean up and prompts from that lose their permissions to look at files, control the interface, etc., so it is a last-resort type of action.

I tried the first one and restarted but no change.

No - in no share sheet and also not in the Extension settings.

How about if you create a new user and log in on that account? (You can delete the account after testing.)

The same. There was a second admin user installed and also no reminders in the share menu.

OK, well one last suggestion – double check the settings for Reminders in Security & Privacy > Privacy.

That one is empty - “Apps that have requested access…”