Reminders help iOS 13

I would love some reminders help. In some ways i think i was expecting more, after all the talk of a new reminders app. Yes, it is way better than it was, but it seems to be missing a few vital things, or is just bad in some areas. Without complaining too much, let me ask it as a question in case i have missed some of the tricks.

  • When in list view, you can see subtasks by clicking the drop down. Why does that functionality disappear when that task appears on Today?
  • Pushing a task on seems like a lot of work. You are given the option of ‘tomorrow/next weekend.’ Sometimes that might be ‘this weekend.’ But if i am doing a task on friday and want to push it on, why would next weekend be a useful suggestion? How about next week? Am i missing something?
    -Sort order. I dont need to say much. This is terrible. Why cant i sort something by due date, or priority??

Anyway. If i am missing some hidden tricks please let me know. If not, then i may have to get everything back into THINGS. I was excited to use reminders as i can have it on Mac as well as devices. I dont want to pay for Things on mac. I love it on iOS but its pricy on Mac.

Thanks! G

Reminders is very much a 1.0 with lots of weirdness when you really start to push it. I’ve been pretty disappointed with it.


Yeah ok. Lets hope it improves moving fwd. Not sure how long to give it before moving things back.

I’ve had nothing but troubles with reminders since the upgrade.

I have three devices on iOS/iPadOS 13 and I upgraded my reminders. All three currently show different reminders.

My iPad and iPhone were almost in sync. They both show 99 total reminders. However, one list on the iPhone shows one task and the iPad shows that as empty. Another list was one off in the other direction. But I completed some tasks about an hour ago on the iPad and the iPhone still hasn’t picked them up so now they’re way off.

My iPad Mini (4th gen) only shows two of the 13 lists I have. I dragged this out of the closet and upgraded specifically to see what it would do. I thought it might match one of my other devices!

I also had a nice workflow where my list of ‘staples’ from the grocery store was in a note in Drafts. A simple action would add that to my Groceries list in Reminders. I would then also add the week’s meal ingredients in Drafts and send that over to reminders. That worked great until the upgrade. Now that works occasionally, fails occasionally and the rest of the time it only transfers part of the list.

Adding items using the HomePod has been working better with the latest updates but it still will give at least one ‘stalling’ message before adding.

Oh, and I’ve had items uncomplete themselves.

Anyone else having issues like this? Any thoughts on fixing? I certainly can’t depend on this app right now and I’m not even trying the new features.

I’m not triskaidekaphobic, but this fall’s release is making me wonder…