Reminders Missing: Catalina/iOS13

I updated both Macs to Catalina last night (iOS devices already on 13.1.2) and promptly “Upgraded” my reminders lists. Here’s the rundown:

  • iPhone: no reminders showing at all

  • iPad: all reminders showing

  • iMac: all reminders showing

  • MBP: only some reminders showing

There’s no rhyme or reason behind this. I’ve restarted each of the devices multiple times and turned off/on iCloud reminders on the phone.

Anyone else seeing these issues?

Mine have been hosed for over 18 hours! :tired_face:

I’m no fan of iCloud due to its “I’ll sync when I feel like it” performance, but I’ve never lost data.

Have you tried turning Reminders off on all your devices at the same time? I’d start them up on the iPhone first. Because, why not?

I wouldn’t rule out overworked Apple servers as your original problem.

No, that’s what’s interesting. All of my lists are on, but not all reminders within those lists. Not all devices have all lists. The only device that has all of my lists and all of my reminders is my iMac.