Reminders Not Syncing

Hi All… Just lately ive noticed a real problem with Reminders syncing between my Mac and iPhone… Has anyone else? I logged out of iCloud and back in on both devices, and it worked - but it was still a long delay.

For example - I just added 2 reminders on my phone … 1 I typed in and 1 via Siri… 15 minutes later, they are still not on my Mac.

I have 16" M1 MBP and running 12.3.1

Anyone else?

I use Reminders for all of my projects and tasks. As of this post I have nearly 400 tasks in Reminders. So far :crossed_fingers:t3:everything is syncing perfectly for me.

Thanks for the feedback. Mine had been as well … not sure what’s up. Maybe it got “gummed” up with all the switching back and forth between Things and Omnifocus :slight_smile:

I’ll try completly logging out and back in again

I’ve been through the back and forth with Things and Reminders. I’ve settled now for a while with Reminders. It’s working well. :+1:t2:

Reminders sync is a recurring problem for me, although not as bad as in the past. I previously had a problem where when I marked an item complete on one device, I could count on having to mark it on every device,

IMO an occasional several minute iCloud delay isn’t unusual. I’ve seen initial syncs take more than an hour before the first item arrives. But it shouldn’t be that slow normally.

Note the time of day when things slow down. I’ve noticed HomePod Mini Siri lately can’t even tell me what time it is some evenings, when the Google Assistant has no problem. Perhaps Apple needs to clean the pipes.:grinning:

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