Reminders not working on watch

Anyone else having issues with reminders syncing to watch? I have iPhone 11 pro (13.1.2) and Apple Watch 4 (6.0.1). Reminders on the watch is empty. I tried adding a reminder from the watch and it seems to just disappear into thin air (not in watch or phone). Even more odd, reminders doesn’t even show up in the watch app on the phone (in the Apple apps section). But maybe it never was there?

Thoughts? I’m going to try to unpair and pair again today. Not sure what else to try besides reset and restore. :frowning:

Reminders on the watch seems a bit buggy still.
When I get a notification on my watch it will endlessly loop through the animation until I mark it complete on the phone. very weird

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Yeah, I’m having the same issue!

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Had the same issue. I deleted the reminders app and reinstalled it from the App Store. Didn’t even know you could do that.

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Thanks all - seems like things are still quite buggy with reminders. This time I did a reset and set up my watch as a new device. Reminders seems to be syncing now, :crossed_fingers:t3: It keeps working!