Reminders to Obsidian Plug-in?

Anyone know of one? So far I’m only finding things that go the other way. Obsidian Tasks to reminders. I want reminders to come in as plain notes into my inbox folder using my new note template.

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I don’t know of one offhand, though I haven’t searched. However, I use Shortcuts for this.

It’ll need some configuration of course. Then, set it to run when Obsidian is opened or whatever other triggers you’d like and you’ll get the behaviour you want!


I’ve looked at it but I can’t see how to edit it so that each reminder goes into a separate note. I don’t want them out into my daily note. I have another shortcut that I’m trying to debug and the language is painful for me. I have not been able to get it to work as I want and I’ve been poking at it for months. Something about the way shortcuts are programmed just flat does not make any sense to me at all.

So the text of the reminder would become the filename?

Filename can be as simple as yyyy-mm-dd_randomtext or even the timestamp

The reminder should be in the text of the note.

Notes should end up in my inbox folder at the top level of my vault.

This should be closer. It includes more set up questions — hopefully if it isn’t perfect it is easier to tweak it!