Reminders...What might have been

So I’ve finally given up on Reminders. I just can’t get it to sync across my Macs. IOS devices sync nicely. But syncing of shared lists on the Mac is just not reliable. That’s a shame too. I just doesn’t seem like it should be that hard to get a simple list app to sync via iCloud.
I like the look and simplicity of Reminders, and if it worked I could land there. I’m afraid it’s back to the infinity pool of task manager apps.
If anyone knows how to force sync Reminders on a Mac (I’m aware of refreshing the Calendar app - but that rarely works) please let me know.

Have you tried logging out of iCloud and logging back in? This has work for me on iOS devices, though admittedly I have never tried this on macOS.

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Thanks for the tip. I actually gave this a try earlier today and it worked. Except I didn’t really fully log out of iCloud. I simply unchecked the iCloud Reminders box, waited for Reminders to clear out, then rechecked the box. I’ve tried this on two different iMacs and it worked both times. Not ideal but an easy workaround!

I agree with @Robertson.historian here. Any iCloud sync issues (which, fortunately, are rare for me), can be overcome by logging out (fully, I advise, FWIW), then back in. I had issues with Cardhop, until I realized that it was not Flexibits’ app, but rather that back end of Apple’s iCloud sync.

I don’t have issues w/sync but you are right…what might have been. I just find getting reminders input is so tedious. Especially if you want a date and a time. The old way (before the Catalina update) was better. I’m not sure what they were thinking but it’s not an improvement. That being said, I still use it since it’s the default. Crossing my fingers for a true improvement soon!

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I stopped using it for anything except a shared shopping list for exactly the same reason. Inputting tasks is horrible, an awful and badly designed workflow. Also, sorting lists and the absence of anything to represent GTD contexts made me give up and go back to OmniFocus.

Agree on the sorting as well. It’s not intuitive the way the default is set up. I have been using a shared Apple note for our grocery list. We tend to buy the same stuff (at least 80/20 rule anyway) and the “uncheck all” feature is nice to start a new trip. Plus my wife tends to forget paper lists so this is good for her to have something/anything to go off.

I love the new look. It’s enticing. And I’ve been trying to declutter my digital life and simplify things as much as possible. And I thought Reminders might be a part of that plan. But honestly, root functionality, like syncing across devices is just wonky. When I realized I couldn’t sort tasks in the Today or Scheduled views to my liking it was another hit. Then I discovered that a shared list cannot be a default list. I called Apple about that one and even their team admitted that was strange. Maybe it gets better going forward. But Reminders, in its current state, doesn’t work for me.