Remote Control of the Apple Watch for playing music

I just read in a Mac magazine that the Apple Watch can control your Apple Music remotely.

What you do is find the Remote app on your Watch. Then you hit “Add device” and four numbers come up.

That is where I get stuck.

I read that you then enter the numbers in Apple Music but I cannot see where.

This would certainly be a neat little trick if only I could get it to work!

Somewhat different problem but, since getting my new M1 MacBook Air, I have not been successful connecting the Remote app on my iPhone to my music library on the Mac.

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Thanks, Karl!

That is exactly the machine I have… a brand new M1 MacBook Air. Awesome machine, isn’t it? Did you replace another Mac or were you on iPads like me? I’m having a great time with it.

  1. Open Apple Music on the Mac
  2. Click “Add Device” on the Watch, and look at the left sidebar in Apple Music.
  3. A new section (“Devices”) in that Apple Music sidebar should appear, with the name of the Watch in it
  4. Click the Watch name in the Apple Music sidebar, and a screen will appear asking for the four digit code that is shown on the Watch. The “Devices” section appears only when pairing, or when a Watch or iPhone is paired, otherwise it is not visible.
  5. Enter the code and press the “Add” button.

The connection is frequently not successful. The Library will appear on the Watch but clicking it will result in “Could not Connect”. Make sure Do Not Disturb is off on all devices. Sometimes rebooting both the Mac and the Watch fixes the issues. IMO, this is all too much trouble to bother with.

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It worked! Easily…

Thanks for your terrific instructions!

What can I say? I’m easily amused.

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Yes, I’m a longtime Mac person but my three year old MacBook Pro had to be left at the Apple store to fix a busted Touch Bar and a battery that was just beginning to swell. Turned out for the best though as this new M1 MacBook Air is the best Mac I’ve ever had.

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Really and truly- the best??!!!

I love love love it. I wish I had bought more RAM (I have 8 GB.) But I probably don’t require it. I’m retired. But other than that I don’t know how I could be any more pleased!

The size is just perfect. It is fast!