Remote Desktop from a Windows back to a Mac

my main computer at work is a Macbook Pro and my native OS is OSX. I have a VM in VMware Fusion but only use it for testing purposes. My environment is 95% windows.

i go and do desktop support at a coworkers desk i often find myself wanting to remote back to my OSX laptop. Is there a Microsoft Remote Desktop host that can run on my Mac? We also use Teamviewer but this wouldn’t work because the end users have a very basic version installed.

Microsoft Remote Desktop uses Windows drawing APIs which are not used by macOS, so Macs can only use a Microsoft Remote Desktop client to connect to a Windows host. They cannot be a Microsoft Remote Desktop host.

If you want to use your MacBook remotely from a windows machine, the windows machines will need a VNC client or the appropriate version of Teamviewer.

Forgive me for asking, but since your Mac is a laptop, why not just take it with you when you go to someone’s desk?

i’m a resident in Dongle town (atp reference). I have a Macbook Pro, i9, hooked up to a Lenovo USB3 dock which has every single port filled. i could bring it with me but i’m afraid i’ll forget the machine somewhere or someone will steal it.

Dongletown is in the state of Upgrade rather than ATP and Donglton-on-Sea is the similarly named English seaside resort. (Relay FM).


Try Jump Desktop.

Yep. Jump Desktop. My daily driver.

Valid fear. My colleague left his MacBook Air in a conference room today at the end of a meeting. Another guy picked it up and brought it to me thinking it was mine.