Remote Desktop While Lid Closed - (Resolved)

I am using jump desktop to remotely access my MacBook Air from my iPad.
it works fine when the lid is open, but it won’t connect with the lid closed, even with power connected.

I’m sure there is a setting in System Preferences I’m missing. Do I need a third party app like Adrenaline or Caffeine?

Thanks in advance!

Update: it is working when I plug my MacBook up to a Monitor. However, the thunderbolt port is also used to for my external storage. I really don’t need to see the screen and I only have the one port.

Your MacBook is going to sleep when the lid is closed. There isn’t a setting to prevent that but there is an app that can stop it from happening:

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Thank you. Will I still need to connect it to a monitor? I am basically using it as a server.

I haven’t used the app, but I believe it removes the requirement to connect to a monitor. If you connect to a monitor then you don’t need the app, as the MacBook will stay awake (as per Energy preferences) when closed.

(I’m using an older MBP as a sever and just leave the lid open)

if it is near a monitor, why not plug that in? That would prevent it from going to deep sleep, and allow network access to wake it. You should also be able to use an HDMI dummy plug to get the same effect?

I only have one display port. No HDMI ports. Older MacBook Air that i don’t use much but I would like to use it as an server like machine that I can remotely access via Jump.

Then it’s probably only an app that can do this?

Works perfectly. I used the app and do not need to connect to the monitor.