Remote link to Mac From IOS

Screens and Chrome Remote both stopped working from my iPhone 7 and periodically from my iPad. Screens support is useless - all email - and Google has no support because, well, its Google. Any alternatives? Any suggestions?

You could try TeamViewer @LaneHasler.

You could also try VNC Viewer - it’s free. On the Mac, all you need to do is turn on Screen Sharing.

I don’t have any alternative, but are you running iOS betas?

A Mac is running Unix under the hood so depending on what you are doing, ssh? There are a lot of free ssh apps

I’ve been using Jump Desktop recently over their Fluid protocol (they also support VNC). Works really well.

+1 for Jump Desktop.

I have teamviewer but I have to remember to have it open on the host which is a problem

I will give this a try - thanks

No Beta running just latest IOS

I started using Jump and so far so good

Jump is excellent. Has replaced TeamViewer for me.

Another Jump Desktop user here. But I specifically use Jump because they have (limited) mouse support. There are only a couple they support but that is good enough. I use the Citrix X1, so my 12.9 iPad Pro is really a great travel device. I can work locally on the iPad, remote into servers, or back to my machine at home.

Totally agree. Creates an excellent option.