Remote restart and access of desktop Mac?

I remote into my home computer often. There are times where I may need to reboot, or times where there was a restart such as a power outage.

Want to keep the desktop protected w/at least the basic user accounts, however security ALSO shuts down the computer if one is not physically present to type in the password.

What strategies (and extreme ok for discussion purposes) will support keeping the desktop computer protected yet will allow me to reboot and access at will?

There is a command available via Terminal called “shutdown” which has an options you can use. See how to use by looking at the “man” file at:

man shutdown

or on Interweb at

I’ve been investigating this recently. See solution 1 at for restarting remotely using an authenticated restart.

I’ve then bought a basic UPS (which should run for a decent number of minutes powering only a power sipping M1 Mac mini) so that any short power outages won’t cause the mac to reboot. If it’s a long power outage I might have an issue but if I’m going away from home for more than a few days I’ll probably take the desktop with me.

This is the exact issue I have been encountering. When traveling, the desktop would be scheduled to be available certain times of the day, then power off - that would be the idea. If I am able to terminal in, well, then I’m already in and rarely a need to reboot. If I’m traveling and there is a power outage, of just want the computer off for a week… then turn it on (via. IOT command) - that is the idea.

Need a way to enter credentials for File Vault, remotely.

Damn, I learned something new today. Thanks guys!
sudo fdesetup authrestart

Anyone test this remotely? After running the command, are we saying the Mac will reboot AND STAY ON after a power outage, so you can enter credentials and remote in?
(meaning, FileVault remains in place, yet can still remote in after a remote restart?)