Remote support iPads?

Is anyone remotely supporting iPads for relatives? Any tips - since there is no screen sharing on iPads, one thing I have done now that there are 2 iPads on the remote side is to ask for one to be pointed at the other over Facetime, so that I can at least tell them what to do.

That’s really the only way to deal with remote iOS support.

Well, unless they have an Apple Store nearby, in which case you can refer them to the Apple Store if you get stuck :slight_smile:

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Thanks for confirming, TJ.

I use Bomgar / Beyond Trust for that.
You can only see the clients screen but it sure beats tell me what you see…

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There is also a TeamViewer product for that, called TeamViewer Quicksupport. The app also allows screensharing of your iOS device.

I‘ve never used it extensively, but in one or two tests I did several years ago it worked quite well.