Remote support on Catalina machines NOT WORKING

So it happened,

My first clients blindly followed the “update” path and ended up installing the “upgrade” too Catalina.

Now software like VMware Fusion and Scansnap is no longer working for them and need my help.

Neither Bomgar (now called Beyond Just) or LogMeInn Rescue are working under Mac OS 10.15 Catalina.

I immediately submitted an urgent ticket with the vendors. But I can’t wait for their reply. Did anyone figured out a work around or has an other remote support service that does work under Catalina???

Really hate it that while I am paying big bucks for these services they neglect to test their software on the Beta that has been available since the beginning of this year :frowning:


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Did you try TeamViewer?

And your customers may need to enable these programs in Security & Privacy > Screen Recording - I remember reading this on the Teamviewer forums, though that doesn’t tally with the error message above (looks like the apps aren’t signed).

Jump Desktop works. I use it to connect to my iMac and to my MacBook Pro under Catalina.

The steps that have to be followed are:

  1. The client has to install

  2. The client has to grant permissions in Catalina:

  3. The client has to provide you with the link under “Share your screen” (

  4. You have to have Jump Desktop installed. It is part of the Setapp subscription or it can be purchased.

Screens connect is working ok for me.

Thanks, u fortunately not user friendly for the client.
But I might have to coach them through this if Bomgar doesn’t fix the problem rapido

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That is true. Jump Desktop can be used to share the screen, but then again, it is a service that is primarily intended to access your own devices.

Unfortunately, I think that Catalina has taken away user friendliness for remote screen sharing because of security reasons. No matter which solution is being used, it needs permissions on a system level to share the screen. And many users that need support might be overwhelmed to grant those permissions.

Catalina is so “secure” that in numerous cases users cannot even use their own computers.

I just tried Bomgar and it would connect but on the remote end I just got a black screen and a cursor that didn’t move the regular one and didn’t end when I closed it on the client end.

TeamViewer would be my next guess, but I installed that from the website and it downloaded version 9 for some reason (both from Chrome and Safari) , I got version 14 on there by going straight to this page to download. It prompted me to open Accessibility settings and add TeamViewer there.

After connection, it prompted me to add it to screen recording as well and launched the window for me. Finally then it connected and allowed me access. So it worked, but it was even more steps than with Mojave.

Security is great, but Apple and these companies need to figure out a way that lopw level users can be protected and not go through all these hoops.

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Hello Rogier, Mac OS Catalina is not currently a supported OS. Support for Catalina will be implemented in a future release, but we do not have an ETA on that yet. You can view details about recent versions at our changelog - once a version with Catalina support is released it will be posted there. This knowledge article discusses what Catalina support will look like: KB0015201 : macOS Catalina Compatibility Statement

I will try that.

I am fuming over their lack of attention to this they had since the beginning of this year to develop and test. Perhaps even send us a useful email that there is a problem rather then junk mail.

Seriously mad.


Thanks for the tip on Teamviewer. I now have a 14 day trial with them.
If “Beyond Trust” hasn’t updated their software by then I will ask for a credit and switch.

Catalina surely did not make it easier I had to create a video for the less tech savvy clients :-/

Hi Rogier,
did you try the very easy and free
It will require, like all the other remote control software, for Mojave and Catalina, to authorise the sharing of the screen under Security and Privacy in System Preferences, and other subsequent authorisation, but as soon as you will be able to see the customer screen, you will be able to drive the customer where and what he has to do until you will have the complete control of his/her Mac.
Please let me know if this will help you.

Interesting, I need to keep an eye on it for when my $1500 year Logemein rescue expires

It is the same thing I did, when Logmein increased my annual subscription, without any notification starting from €289 in 2014, to €303 in 2015, to €649 in 2016, to 1.099 in 2017, but when they arrived to ask me €1500 in 2018, after many mail discussion, I tell them good-bye.
Now I am very happy with the free version of

I paid the $1500 to Logmein Rescue and worked with it since May. Unfortunately it turned out to be clunky often slow and even worse very confusing for clients to use.

After calling them they agreed to terminate my contract (immediately…) and refund me the majority of my money :slight_smile:

I switched to and so far it has been a delight to use!

Unfortunately, the customized installer is not accessed by MacOS since it no longer can verify the certificate. Hopefully, they can fix this later.