Remove all links from .pdf?

I have a .pdf that has a bunch of hyperlinked email and URL links embedded in text. I need to submit this .pdf to a system that rejects .pdfs that contain hyperlinks.

I looked for options to remove hyperlinks in PDFpen Pro, PDF Expert, Preview, and even Affinity Publisher. But none seemed to have this option. (For our immediate needs we had to resort to printing/scanning).

I must be missing something. What’s an easy way to remove all hyperlinks from a .pdf?

I would simply “print” the PDF, and then select “print to PDF” (or something similar in English?).
This should produce a plain version of the PDF.

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Doing that preserves the hyperlinks. But thanks for the suggestion.

I should mention that “Flattening” the .pdf doesn’t work either. The hyperlinks remain.

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This is in reference to the Adobe Acrobat software, the gold standard for editing PDFs.

Disable Links in PDF? - Adobe Support Community - 1890880 Under Advanced > Document Processing there is a “Remove all links” option which will remove all links in the document or on a specified page range.

Open it with Microsoft Word and re-save as a PDF. Select “best for printing” in the save dialog. You might wind up with a bit of a formatting mess though, depending if there are lots of images and whatnot.