Remove calendar icon in HTML

Hi folks! I tried to search, but can’t find solution for my problem.
On my blog, before the date posted, there is a calendar icon. Can someone describe what I need to remove in functions.php to get rid of this icon?

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Looks like you might want to look into the CSS for the template. The class meta-icon is controlling the appearance of that calendar icon element.

What you have captured on your screenshot? I’m blind, so can access it. :blush:

Do I need to replace this line with something or just delete?

Sorry, the screen shot shows the calendar element selected in Page Source view from the Safari Developer tools, which are not turned on by default. The screen shot just highlights the code that generates the screen shot. That code uses a definition in the style sheet that the template you are using in WordPress (I think?) generates. If you know who provided that template then you could ask them how to remove that graphic of the calendar.

I believe you are using the “Twenty Twenty” theme – I am not familiar with how to configure it.


That’s right!
If I contact my host (dreamHost) will they help or it is not their responsibility?

I’m sorry, I don’t use the Twenty Twenty theme. If you are using DreamHost’s Managed WordPress service, then they provide a support team who should be able to help you with configuration advice.

DreamHost support team click here

Twenty Twenty is the default theme for WordPress, so another possibility is to contact the “Fixing Wordpress” forum at WordPress.orgclick here

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Solved with this simple code:

.post-meta .meta-icon {
    display: none;