Remove iCloud app folders

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I asked this within a question but didn’t get a response, so I figured I’d ask a separate question.

My iCloud folder on my Macs is populated with lots of folders from various Apps (e.g. Keynote). I heard David mentioned he ‘got rid of these’. Is this as simple as deleting the folders? Is there another way?

Yes - to some degree.

Settings - iCloud Drive - Options - Documents - deselect all Apps/folders you do not want to be there.

Have a look (I have no connection to the creator of this YouTube video):

The only issue is that you have to be quite vigilant not to enable the creation of folders (apps in iOS and what not).

In iOS, you can find it in Settings - iCloud. You can disable apps over there, too. If the app integrates well with the iOS Files app, you should be fine accessing iCloud Drive that way.

Be careful to check beforehand if you have any data inside of those “zombie” folders. I have not tried this myself, so you might first get yourself a backup of those folders.

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I had a go at this last night. I see that it sort of works. Not an ideal solution though. Would be nice if you could just make all the App Folders invisible to Finder / Files in a straightforward way.

Just curious. What’s the benefit of hiding those folders?

For me it is about focus and ease of finding the folder I’m looking for. At the moment it’s mostly folders I don’t need or use.

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