Remove margins in iPadOS Pages?

I’ve been tasked with editing my grandma’s massive book about family history, and over the years she done some really weird things to the formatting. Most of the stuff with fonts and such I have figured out, but for the life of me I cannot get rid of all these extra margin markers (see the circled area).

If I tap and hold on them I can move them around, and I can change what type they are by double tapping them, but I can’t figure out how to remove them. Any ideas on how to do this on an iPad?

I believe those are tab stops, not margin markers.

(This would probably be easier using Pages on the Mac, if you have one.)

Would it make sense to convert the files to plain text somehow? The section you have posted looks as though it would actually benefit from the loss of rich text formatting. On an iPad, I would assume that iAWriter or 1Writer would handle that. Alternatively, Clean Text is a helpful iPad app for cleaning up formatting issues.

I didn’t think I needed a Mac for this, but I guess Apple doesn’t have feature parity for its apps across platforms after all (that’s a bummer).
But I will run this through a text editor to get rid of all that Rich Text formatting. Thanks for the tips!

There may be a way to do this on an iPad, but I am not sure how to do it.

I would try changing it to Markdown to see if you could keep at least some of the formatting. That is often the best thing to do when dealing with a source file from someone else.

Touch the tab mark you want to remove and hold for a second or two. Then, drag it off the bar in a downward motion. It will disappear. You can also cycle between the tab types (left, right, center, etc.) by tapping once on the mark.

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