Removing Malware Bytes

My girlfriend just showed me Malware Bytes wanting her to load an update on her laptop. She hasn’t knowingly installed it. It had an icon in the menu bar too. I opened it and uninstalled from the help menu, but I don’t trust that it is completely removed.

Any recommendations on removal?

Any tools to prevent her unintentionally agreeing to install malware?

She uses Safari on her MBP.

You could set up another user account without admin privileges.

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Malwarebytes is great.
Just remove it from the startup but keep in handy in the applications folder for the next time she downloads a “Flashplayer update” … :wink:

I second that Malwarebytes is legitimite software and should rather stay on the computer.

To your more spesific question: The first line of defence when it comes to malware, is educating the user. Then make sure Safari security settings and Gatekeeper settings are turned on. Always keep macOS and any installed software, including drivers, up to date. Take backups. And yeah.

But Malwarebytes. Don’t worry! :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone.
It’s hard to tell what is legit, and what isn’t.

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