Renaming 'Dropbox (stuff)' folder

I’ve been around the net and don’t have a good solution.
I need to rename the “Dropbox (Personal)” folder to something without spaces in the name.
What I did:

  • Pause syncing
  • mv Dropbox\ \(Personal\) Dropbox
  • ln -s Dropbox Dropbox\ \(Personal\)
  • Resume syncing

This seems to work fine as far as syncing, but I’ve lost the Dropbox menu when I right-click on files within either folder (Dropbox or Dropbox\ (Personal)). I really need this to prevent syncing a giant folder to my laptop.

Any better way to do this?

I’m open to other bullet-proof services that don’t have lame folder naming conventions and that allow selective sync.


(Aside: Do you use Dropbox for Business? Is that why you have the “Personal” tag added to your Dropbox folder? I haven’t seen that myself.)

Have you rebooted? Or at least logged out and logged back in? I bet you confused the daemon which handles Dropbox’s Finder integration (which doesn’t get paused when you pause syncing).

A logout/login or reboot should fix it, I would expect.

Thanks. I’ll give that a try.
Yes, my school provided me with an account, so my personal account was renamed “Dropbox (Personal)” and the school account is “Dropbox (GaTech)”.
Spaces and parentheses (not to mention renaming without warning); so inconsiderate to people who write code, use LaTeX, etc.