Renaming file extensions in iOS? For example, jpeg to jpg?

I manage many websites with images being changed out often and have always used the jpg extension rather than jpeg. With iOS I’ve noticed that in many cases images are named as jpeg. Examples being images dragged from Photos to the Files app or Workflows for processing/converting images or pdfs that I might get from a client.

Anyone know of a method that allows for changing the default from jpeg to jpg? Or is there a way to use Files to change it? All I see is a method for changing the name (not including the extension). My workaround is to use an app like Textastic which has a custom file browser which allows for renaming the extension. But it’s an added step to rename files there and if I’m using Workflow to process a lot of images it would be great to just use jpg.

I also find this to be a pain. Image Capture (on the Mac) does it too. Who uses “.jpeg” instead of “.jpg” ? Answer: nobody (else).