Renaming Files in the iOS Files App

I must be missing something.

On my iPhone w Safari, go to Share, Create PDF, Then go to save it into files you can’t rename the file.

I could not believe that they would release a app where you couldn’t name a file that you were saving. I thought for sure that they would fix it iOS 12.

My only workaround is to create the PDF then share it so ScanBot Pro. Then I rename in that app. It works about 75% of the time. When it doesn’t work it is blank.

Anyone have a better way to do this.

I would love it if I could create a Siri Shortcut that would create it then prompt for the name.

I’ve saved PDFs to iBooks; once in iBooks touch the Select icon, then touch the name of the file to edit it.

You can rename files by doing a Tap,Hold,Release gesture to invoke the action menu.

You can create a Workflow to name the file then save it. I’d share mine but since iOS 12/Shortcuts came out it fails part of the time. Always worked on iOS 12.

Feel free to change the naming convention to whatever you like, I kept it simple with “ask when run”

I have an identical action and it fails regularly since updating to iOS 12/Shortcuts. On my iPad, so does your version of it.

Note: It asks for the name and then does nothing. I’ve fiddled with alternatives and have yet to figure out why.

Hey ronguest

I’m not sure why it’s not working for you but it’s working for me here’s a short video


That was great seeing how it works. There was still a lot of clicking.

Is there a way to further automate it.

You have a web page open.

Workflow does the create pdf
Then prompts for name
Then automatically saves it in a default location.

With Siri you could just say “Save PDF “ enter the name and you would have the file.

It might nice to open it at the end to make sure it actually got the content because I have seen this process done manually create a blank PDF

You cant sask Siri create something on page but here is an additional step with create PDF from input

You can also change how pages are printerd from all,single or choose a page range

Do you do this on the placeholder name

Safari xxxxxx

Do have tried all types of tapping to no avail.

Here’s how I’m doing it.

Dropbox Link

  1. Tap & Hold
  2. When it appears like you want to drag it somewhere, release the hold. The action menu will appear
  3. Remame
  4. ???
  5. Profit!

I see what you are doing but the steps necessary are so different from any other OS where all that I am familiar with allow you to rename the file as part of saving it and do not require you to save it with a dummy name and then find it after saving to then rename it.

I wonder why they had to do it this way.