Reorder iOS Autofill Suggestions

When I’m filling out a form or credit card info using Safari on my iPhone or iPad, it often suggests addresses or credit card numbers that are not my preferred choices. They’re technically correct but Safari only shows 2 choices and I have more than 2 addresses and credit cards. is there a way to change the order of what Safari presents as options so it will display my 2 most commonly used items? (I don’t have Autofill turned on in MacOS because I use 1Password there, but Safari Autofill can be more convenient in iOS.)

Just use 1P in iOS:

Hmm, I checked and actually I already have my default Autofill setup in iOS to use 1Password. (Must have done it back in iOS 12.) Are you saying there is a way to order what I get presented with in Safari Autofill by changing their order in 1Password?

I’m saying you should be able to choose from any available logins in 1P. Never really paid attention to the order, myself. As long as it’s the password/cc# list inside 1P you should have access to them all.

I can’t find a way to manually reorder the native autofills, but in the process of testing, I found that adding a new test card in Settings > Safari > Autofill, then refreshing, actually changed the displayed order to show my two most common cards on the keyboard. I’m curious if something similar happens to you.

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As you’re using 1Password set your most frequently used items to be favourites. This gives them priority over the others.