Repairing broken glass of Magic Trackpad 2?

My Magic Trackpad 2 has a crack from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. Luckily on the bottom side of the glass; you cannot feel the crack. Unfortunately there is also some glas missing in the bottom corner, which is probably where the impact started.

Is is possible to replace just the glass or do I need to buy an entirely new trackpad?

iFixit seems to suggest I’m out of luck:

Anyone experience with putting a skin on it?

Bite the bullet and upgrade to Magic Trackpad 2…

Or connect AppleCare / visit your local Apple Store (if they are open) about an OOW replacement unit. You may end up with the new model for a lower cost.

Apple stores are closed in my country, but I’m planning to give them a call later today.

PS: It’s already a version 2, so it won’t be an upgrade (I do have the original trackpad as well; that was indeed a nice upgrade)

Contacted Apple. They don’t repair them, but replace them. For the price of a new one…

(And due to COVID-19 even that was not an option; they advised me to just buy a new one)

Gotcha… in the US it is a bit cheaper than new normally. I thought you had the older style trackpad. I suppose you could use an iPad screen saver and trim it to fit but my only concern would be touch sensitivity.