Replace 1PW with Apple Keychain + locked Apple Note(s)?

I’m considering canceling my subscription to 1PW and relying entirely on Apple Keychain for passwords and a locked Apple Note(s) for things like app license keys, etc.

Has anyone done something similar? If so, what was your experience? Any advice regarding this possibility?

I like 1PW well enough, but I always strive to eliminate subscriptions whenever possible.

Any insights will be appreciated!

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I am in the process of doing the same. I have loved 1PW for years, but it looks like they are focussed more on the enterprise market and compatibility across platforms. I don’t blame them; they are in business and I am sure that is a good way to make money. That said, the vast majority of what I need to do with respect to passwords involves only my immediate family, and I am hopeful that the new Apple sharing system will be sufficient.

I understand that the Apple system will not be as comprehensive as 1PW and not do as much, but I do think it will do enough. I will updates as I go along, but I would also appreciate anyone else weighing in.

At this moment I can use 1PW for free because the company Enterprise license from my employer includes a free family license. If they would stop using 1PW I would probably also switch to Apple Keychain for my personal passwords.

Things I do like in 1PW that I do like:

  • SSH key integration for authenticating to git repositories, can also be done in other ways, but it is convenient te keep SSH keys in 1PW
  • The quick access feature. I use a lot of browser profiles for different clients, using quick access I can easily access passwords without having to install the Browser Extension in each profile
  • Integrates better in Chrome/ Edge which I use mostly for work
  • I like the integration in Raycast (and Alfred) using the Command-line client for 1PW
  • Password management is way easier in 1PW, the Keychain UI is not that great in my opinion
  • Multiple vaults and sharing passwords, but this will be fixed by the next maxOS release

Why would I switch to Apple Keychain

  • Why pay for something that is integrated in the OS?
  • Most extra features (Development) in 1PW can be solved in other ways
  • 1 app less to have installed and running in the background

I’m tempted to switch, specially now that they are considering extensions for other browsers.
The other must have feature is the recently announced password sharing.

At the same time I don’t want to put all the eggs in one basket.
I like the idea of a separate system for passwords, specially when iCloud Keychain can be unlocked using just your iPhone passcode.

The other knock is that Apple passwords don’t have a dedicated app.

Decisions, decisions…

I did exactly this 4 months ago and am very happy.

I had used 1Password for years and have hundreds of passwords from personal use and two businesses I run. So I did think about it long and hard, but ultimately went ahead with Apple Keychain. My reasons for moving were firstly to avoid paying a subscription fee, and secondly, I wanted to reduce the total number of apps I’m using.

I kept 1password on my iPhone for a couple of months ‘just in case’, but didn’t need it and I have not regretted the move at all.

I like the overall simplicity of everything being in Apple’s system and the interface with Safari feels better in use to me than 1Passwords.

I have missed a stand alone app on a few occasions when I needed to view or copy a password (just feels a bit off to go into Safari preferences to do this) and in particular this is a bit more cumbersome on the iPhone. I would hope apple release a simple password app, although I don’t think they will.

I’ve also not had any issues with keeping some things in locked Apple Notes. Easy to access and feels secure enough for my needs.

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I advocate 1Password as a tool for families. Kinda a good way for parents to put their affairs (Passwords and info about accounts, key documents, etc) in order for other family members to have appropriate and secure access. Keeping this in a single user PC in a relative unstructured way seems a step or two backwards. Just me, though.

I am keeping it and I fund the family account for the family (now all adults and me getting old).

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I can’t get my wife to use 1PW so it is only me using it; given that, it will be easier for me to rely on Keychain + Apple Notes for my needs than it may be for othes. At least, that is what I’m hoping. I’m going to try this for a month to see how it goes.

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May I ask how you handled the migration from 1PW to Keychain? Did you copy and paste as you went along or just setup new passwords on websites as the need arose?

I migrated following the notes I found here:

As I have some logins I use very infrequently, I felt it was better to export and import in one hit. It meant I was up and running with keychain right away so I could fully assess it quickly. It also felt tidier and more secure to commit to working with one system (even if I needed to move back) than having a foot in two camps.

Although I kept 1Password on my phone in case of emergencies, I uninstalled the app on my Mac so I wasn’t tempted to use it.

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I went from Bitwarden to Keychain and I am very happy with it. Does what it should. Also, I am excited for iOS 17 etc when I can share passwords with my wife without forcing more software on her (rarely goes overly well).

Also, there was news this week that MacOS this year allows to use iCloud Keychain with other browsers than Safari.

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I’m staying with 1Password too. My 1Password data is secured by my master password and a 34 character secret key. My iCloud and Keychain data is secured by my iPhone passcode.

I think it’s worth 10 cents a day to secure my data. :wink:



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I like this. No more subs!

BTW, Apple Notes can be e-e encrypted just in case you don’t know.

I assume that is automatic? I did lock the notes.

I don’t think locking the notes encrypts the data. It’s just a way to halt access to view the note. You’d have to turn on end-end encryption for your iCloud

iCloud data security overview - Apple Support.

Make sure to manage the encryption keys properly else you lose everything since even apple can’t de-crypt the data back.


I, too agree. I support everybody using whatever app solves their problems, but I have to say that I just do not understand the controversy over 1Password. I’ll readily admit that I am no fan of Electron apps, and that I despise the over-subscription-ization of software.

I used 1Password 8 during the beta, and I never felt the Electron underpinnings diminished the way the app functioned or looked. The release version works especially well, for me.

While I dislike subscriptions as a general rule, I accept them for a few things. (Please don’t grill me on the categories, they are kind of amorphous and reduce down to some gut level decisions.) 1. Service-oriented apps; 2. professional apps that I use for work; and 3. critical utility apps that might involve security or otherwise need to be carefully and regularly updated. 1Password passes my test, maybe in category 1 or 3. So, I’m okay with that.

Now on to the “merits” of the app. My wife is tech comfortable, but not a techie. But she likes and will rely on 1Password. It has been so convenient and has solved a major tech problem in the family of having all our passwords, passports, driver’s licenses credit cards, and other important information at all of our fingertips and accessible. Need to re-login into Disney+? 1Password. Need to pull up an ID at the airport. 1Password. Need to fill out some application that needs your driver’s license or the kids’ social security numbers? 1Password. What is the VIN of my car? 1Password. What was the answer to the security question about the first type of Mexican food my wife ate while in elementary school? oh, right… 1Password.

1Password works so effectively, I’m hard pressed to even consider changing it.

Again, this is just my personal experience that I offer to contribute to the discussion, not to try to convince anyone to stay with an app they are “over.”


I would stay too but I understand the prior commitment to leaving.

One thing I’ve wondered is whether @Bmosbacker ’s school uses a credentials manager that gives staff free personal accounts. I hate my employer’s (Keeper) but I would use it over Apple’s if the 1Password cost was weighing on me, for the cross-platform benefits and a couple other features.

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For me 1PW is a no brainer, especially as work disables iCloud Passwords & Keychain.

Key reasons why

Family subscription is great value, for my partner, kids and our parents.

For most users who aren’t highly technical, Apple’s baffling lack of a simple to use password app is a key blocker, going into settings to see/update passwords just doesn’t work, as a result most normal folks will use the convenience without having a clue how and if a password isn’t working they just stop using it.

Cross platform sharing for my whole family, Windows & Android is still a thing for most of the planet, be careful not to box yourself into a corner as you never know what your next employer might try force upon you.

System wide auto fill works rather well, eclipses Apple in this key area, including the magic of auto OTP completing (I know apple is making some progress here).

Built in password lifecycle capabilities, including WatchTower. Along with other items like Fastmail integration for disposable email addresses.

$3 a month for a single user, or a family plan for $1 a month for 5 users…less than a cup of coffee per month.


I wouldn’t save any passwords in Notes. No versioning.

Imagine you’re fumbling around with a password one day and lose your note or accidentally delete it in a sequence of events that renders the undo button useless. GONE. Plus, while not frequent, I do sometimes look at other versions of my passwords, historically.

Plus I use 1Password at work as a browser extension as well on windows and it’s all setup and works great.

As others have mentioned, sharing w my wife and kids has been a bonus.

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Exactly. It’s the only subscription I pay for other than iCloud+