Replace Card Reader? ScanSnap

I have loved, loved the ability to have Scansnap scan business cards and then import them to Contacts. Sigh - not working in Mojave. So what is an alternative?

Evernote does a good job with business cards.

Would you be okay with an iOS/Android app?

Is there an iOS app that does not try to slurp your contacts?

Don’t know for sure, sorry. That’s a good question. Some slurp, some you’ll need to parse their privacy policy to make sure, some are designed to coordinate with their server to give you a CRM-like experience (and whether or not they peek/use the info depends!). There’s tremendous convenience in those apps, and they work well, so I’d look into it. I tried reading ABBYY’s privacy policy and couldn’t determine whether or not they give themselves permission to slurp scanned info.

The free (with pdf IAP purchases) Adobe Scan iOS app scans with 99% accuracy, they say. Looking at their privacy policy refers to “personal data” which might or might not include scanned docs, I don’t know.

You could use a basic scanner app like Scanbot and copy/paste extracted data.

Or you could use Microsoft OneNote’s companion Office Lens app to scan business cards, save them to OneNote notebook for free, then on a Mac right-click on the scans in OneNote and copy the text, then add it to your address book manually. It’s not as automatic as dedicated business card scanner tools, but it’s free and quick for one-off scans. Sadly, Microsoft’s privacy policy seems to have as much opaque wiggle room as everyone else’s.

Coming back to this. the iOS apps require one at a time, opening holding etc. the Scan snap was so easy!

For iOS have you considered Prizmo Go?

Looks fairly easy to setup a Shortcut where Prizmo Go would pass the text recognized from the biz card to Cardhop which has a natural lanague parser to quickly create the contact in your address book, allow you to add notes for where you met, etc.

The developer’s privacy policy looks pretty good (GDPR; obviously review to make sure it fits your requirements). It’s free to try; $8USD/year for unlimited scans. Cardhop for iOS is $3USD one-time.