Replace rollers on Scansnap S1300i

The feed rollers on my Scansnap S1300i have reached end of life. The papers often get stuck and I have to carefully reposition the paper for it to work.
I contacted Fujitsu support and they gave me 2 options:

  1. Ship the scanner to their services facility in another city for diagnosis with no guarantee that they will solve the problem. This will cost at least 1/3 the price of a new one (can be more depending on what they find).
  2. Buy the rollers from them directly and replace myself for waaayyy less $. I asked for instructions but they don’t provide anything, I would have to figure it out myself.

Anyone has experience in replacing the rollers on this scanner? I searched a lot but couldn’t find anything.
Any help is appreciated!!

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I only have replaced the feed rollers on an ix500 and it is really nothing complicated on that device.

Google came up with these instructions for the S1300i:

There is also a video on YouTube (not an official one and not very well done, but you can see the steps being explained in the manual):

A second video shows the pad assembly replacement:

The pad assembly is available at

The pick roller at:

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Before you resort to dismantling anything, have you tried cleaning the rollers with platen-cleaner? (for example I have found that using such a cleaner can give paper feed rollers on printers and scanners a new lease of life. I don’t know the formulation, but it is way more effective than just alcohol …

Thanks for the input.
I did, but it didn’t help much. The rubber is really at the end of its life, so I think now the only solution is to replace them.

Thank you, I found that first video too, but it refers to the pick roller.
The problem on mine is on the feed rollers, the ones in the bottom of the scanner.
Seeing the link you posted, I think they don’t consider feed rollers as consumables, just the pick roller and the Pad assy.
I’m not comfortable in replacing them without instructions, but the alternative would be to buy a new scanner.
Decisions, decisions…

I do not know very much about this particular model…

So, it is the lower feed roller or the lower exit roller?

Those spare parts are being labelled with “requires installation by a Fujitsu Authorized Technician”.

“Decisions, Decisions” indeed…

If it was my device, I would either order the spare part and give it a try (20 bucks and you are done or in the worst case you do need a new scanner, if the replacement fails) or I would buy a new scanner from the get-go. How many sheets were scanned with the device? Under “normal” usage, you really should not end up with a failure that needs a technician. And if you do, I would look for a more trustworthy device in the long run. :slight_smile:

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Actually, both the exit and feed rollers.

I’m really leaning towards trying to replace them myself. If it doesn’t work I’ll search for another scanner.
Which one? Well that’s a subject for another topic I guess.

Just an update, in case somebody has the same problem:
I managed to disassemble the Scansnap and remove the 2 rollers (feed and exit). After that I ordered 2 new ones directly with Fujitsu, put them in place and reassembled everything.
It worked beautifully! It cost me a few hours but I saved a few hundred dollars. Totally worth it.

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I know this last post has been awhile but could you provide some details on how you did this? For example, did you have to go from the bottom to reach the feeder rollers or were you able to do this by removing parts from the top. Any help would be appreciated!


I started by removing parts from the top and worked my way down to the very bottom until I reached the feed roller and then the exit roller.

You’ll have to practically disassemble everything to replace them.
The plastic side covers were tricky to remove. I accidentally broke one of the plastic clips, so be careful.

I’m attaching some pictures I took just to remind myself how to assemble everything back, while I waited for the parts to arrive. (It’s no iFixit quality by any stretch of the imagination :), and they are not properly numbered, sorry).

Hope it helps, good luck!

Wow! Thank you so much for following up with all this info and pics!!

I designed replacement rollers that can be 3D printed, and does not require disassembly of the scanner. The rollers just slide onto the steel drive shafts after being cut along their length. My design is here. These are for the four feed rollers in the ScanSnap 1300, I have not had a need to do the pick rollers which are bigger but more sturdy.

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MediaBaron, am I glad I found your suggestion and followed your link. I have an S1500 where the rollers look like melted glue and I get clacking noises on both powerup and attempting to scan. Are you saying you tried the rollers sold on Amazon (and it seems AliExpress) and they didn’t work? I am thinking about cutting then and someone fitting them around the steel rod. If you already tried that and it wont work, I wont bother. In that case, if I cant find a local shop to print some for me, can I buy some made by you if I pay for postage too etc?

Update: looks like I can order it online from many 3D print shops.

I am new to 3D printing so excuse me for my ignorance. Are the TPU specs (material and finish) below OK?


8.5 Ă— 8.5 Ă— 23mm


  • Material — FDM TPU (FDM)

  • Finish — Standard (100% infill)

  • Color — Black

I think there is something wrong with your specs. Had the rollers made with the cut. When installed they feeder and exit rollers do not seem to touch. And the gap was too large. What do you mean by 8.5 x 8.5 x 23?