Replacement for a beloved Time Capsule

Hello everyone.

One of the mantras that has kept me from changing up our beloved Time Capsule has been” if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” so while the system gets slower by the day it has been steadfast reliable and solid. Between all the dedicated ips, port forwarding etc it didn’t seem worth the effort to change…and there has always been a piece of me hoping for an apple one last thing surprise with the return to routers…as they have returned to lines of business once excited (ie displays.)

Well the homekit portion of the home network died that is pushing into the path of starting over. If i am going this far too rebuild it might be the right time to upgrade the router (said with sad tear off loyalty glances at the time Capsule.)

Worth monitoring the Time Capsule operates as both router and modem.

Home is basically 40x20 footprint, four levels.
Time Capsule is on level two, home office on level 4. Would live to have router, synology etc on level one.

Looking for a tri-band wifi 6 router somewhat future proposed that works well with Mac and Time Capsule. VPN enabled. ZERO SUBSCRIPTION. Primary uses include video streaming, rather beefy IOT Home network, synology nas (ds220+) which is for file manhunt, secondary backup source and streaming.) Devices are mainly ios devices, two or three Mac machines, roughly 70 iot devices. On shore support if possible, and not done short lived support service agreement. HomeKit enabled router would be fantastic. Flashable router also would be nice.

Maybe back to needing a combo router modem.

Side note: eero is out because it intentionally blocks vpn, think it is focused on subscription model and owned by amazon. Love amazon for shopping and do not trust their technology in any way… So yep, not a single ring device on that network. Think this means TP Link also put.

What are recommendations? What would be reasonable to expect in terms of cost (we ate price sensitive.) best bang for the dollar! We do not need a massive mesh network for example, still in amazon prime so maybe there is an opportunity, while at the same time want the right solution so not letting the amazon counter dictate the decision.

This likely ALSO means getting a modem (do not want anything to do with yet more hardware or modems mind you…) We are currently with Verizon Fios, however Comcast is always a future option as well as now T-Mobile. We happen to have a relatively new

Can not think of a better place to ask for input than here…this forum has been amazing!

Maybe a Lynksus Velop, or a Netgear Nighthawk or Orbi, all options on the table.

Modems…. maybe Motorola MB8611 DOCSIS 3.1?

You’ll want to read this article which was previously cited on the MPU forum.

Thank you - will read in a moment. Totally open to leaving time capsule in place and backing up until the end of time.

Think i am covered with synology dds, keeping time capsule itself running as backup appliance.

Anyone…routers…. Anyone?

Not even Apple could answer this question.