Replacement For CandyBar by Panic Software

Many moons ago, I downloaded and used CandyBar by Panic Software to change the icons on some items on my iMac. My main HD on my iMac has been Boba Fett for years. :slight_smile:
As you can see from the CandyBar page on Panic, they have not supported this software for years. I recently tried switching out the icon on one of my external drives just to see if CandyBar worked and I could not do so.

So my questions are:

  1. Does anyone still use this app?
  2. Would I need to change any permissions on MacOS to enable CandyBar to work again? I looked around but didn’t see anything to change in Settings area?
  3. Does anyone switch out the icons on their Mac anymore?
  4. Are there any suitable replacements for CandyBar?

Any other suggestions or sage wisdom welcome! :slight_smile:


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1 - Like you, many years ago.
2 - Don’t know
3 - I changed some icons on some folders. I just do it manually.
4 - I am not aware of any.

There’s a great app called Image2icon that lets you create custom graphics for things like folders and drives. It’s available on the Mac App Store and included in Setapp.


Thanks @timstringer. I have SetApp and seemed to have missed it. :grinning: Will give this a try.

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You’re very welcome, @neonate. I continue to find plenty of gems in Setapp.

On a side note, Image2icon is developed by Shiny Frog, the same company that makes the Bear Markdown editor.


Somewhat related to #3 and #4, I planned on playing with this soon:

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How do you do it manually?

Foldery is cool. However, it only creates (and sets) folder icons but not the system icon or drive icons, etc. However, it uses osxiconutils for the actual setting of the icon, so if you already have a icon you want to use, the seticon command of osxiconutils would work by itself.