Replacement for iA Writer?

I’ve been happily using iA Writer for short form articles and presentations. Lately iA Writer has been crashing. I’ve uninstalled, re-installed etc., but it keeps happening. My suspicion is that it crashing because I have a folder full of “assets” (mostly images) that I use to add to the presentations. This is becoming frustrating. I can use Obsidian (which I use for research) but I don’t like writing in it. Do you have another text editor that you would recommend? I need it to be cross-platform for the Mac and iPad and ideally with several output/export options. I don’t want a Mac only app.


I should add that I can certainly use Craft. I like Craft a lot, I just don’t care for typing text in a block-based system but I can get over it. It’s better than crashes. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m open to any suggestions.

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I guess you would be writing in Markdown.

On macOS I am currently exploring Typora, although I discovered that it gets pretty slow on my work computer.

On iOS I am with 1Writer, which basically cover my needs.

Yes, I try to use markdown when possible. Thanks for the recommendations. I may try 1Writer again. I used it for a while as a mobile substitute for Obsidian before Obsidian released the mobile. version. Thanks again.

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Byword - Markdown text editor app for Mac, iPhone and iPad.


As for the writing experience I’m still very happy with Ulysses - and it’s cross Plattform and markdown, but it’s subscription as you probably know.

I never had Ulysses crashing on me though - although I have some images in there as well. Lately it’s becoming increasingly slow though with often complete re-downloads of the library from iCloud … not a crash but still pretty annoying :pensive:. Might have to do with my close to 7000 files :face_with_monocle:?

I’ve been very happy with Taio! The iPhone and iPad versions also work on the Mac. An excellent app!


I also like Ulysses and have a subscription but I’d like to eliminate this subscription. BTW, that is a lot of files! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

What happens if you rename that folder using Finder, and then try to launch iA Writer?

Interesting idea. Are you reviewing to the folder with my text or the one I’ve named Assets, which has all of the images?

Well, the way I read the post is that there is a folder of images that is implicated in the crashes. So, if you rename that folder so that iA Writer no longer knows about it, then perhaps that might stop the crashes. It’s a long shot, and I’m probably wrong in my assumptions.

I’ll give that a try. I’ll remove the asset folder completely from the iA Writer library to see if that works. I’ll report back … Thanks.

Have you tried contacting iaWriter tech support?

No but I may. I just doubt they will be of much help but may be worth a try.

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After removing the Assets file it seems more stable but I’ll give this several weeks to see what happens.

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Why doubt they will be helpful? Have they been lousy at tech support in the past?

I don’t recall needing to contact support in the past but I may do so if I’m not able to resolve the issue.

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Why wait? You act like querying tech support is an extraordinary measure, to be taken only as a last resort.

For me, tech support is one of the reasons I pay for a product. I query tech support when I have a problem. If I don’t get a prompt response, that is an immediate sign that I should look for alternatives to that product.

Alternately, if I have a problem and DO get prompt support–and usually that is the case!–that’s a sign that I should stick with the product–even though I had a problem!


I’m waiting because I may have resolved the issue by removing the asset folder. :slightly_smiling_face:

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