Replacement for iOS Scrabble

A friend and I play Scrabble on our iPads. EA has ruined the game, and now killed it. There is a replacement app, but it is buggy and childish. Words with Friends is not an option for the same reason.

I’m looking for a new turn-based game we can share. I’m looking for a classic board game or perhaps a card game. We don’t want any snap, crackle, pop, candy crush, or juvenile games.

I would appreciate any suggestions and recommendations.

Try this

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Musket Smoke - if you can get into classic war games.


Nice recommendation!

I can recommend Two Spies, which @ismh recommended several podcasts ago based on playing a bunch with his brother. It’s exactly the kind of tight two-player indie strategy I like to see published. It’s not too complicated for someone who is used to classic/familiar games. There is not a word element but there is some combo/opportunity management. It reminds me of some secret information military games I played growing up as well as some more recent thematic ones like Scotland Yard, Fury of Dracula, etc.

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I think you’ll find the POGO is just a front end for Electronic Arts (EA) – certainly for their Scrabble product.

Looks like the original game though. I haven’t played it, but I don’t see any candy crap in the screen shot.