Replacement MacBook Air Battery Recommendations?

My parents’ MacBook Air battery appears to be on its last legs. Any recommendations on replacement battery? Googling I’m finding EGOWAY, Nupower (at OWC), and iFixit. Are any of these better than others? Any to avoid?

I only have experience with IFixit; their battery was/is good, instructions and tools are good also. After more than 1 year on the replacement battery I still get more juice from this battery than the original (though I must admit I pay more attention to regularly disconnect the power and let it discharge a bit)

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I would stick with OWC or iFixIt.
I haven’t had good luck with brands that sound like “Happy Duckling” and the like.

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I buy my parts from iFixit, to help support
all the great guides they put together.

Agree with @JohnAtl, stay away from
“Happy Duckling”…

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+1 for iFixit. I recently replaced the swollen battery in my MacBook Pro following their guide. The battery worked perfectly and lasted for 5-6 hours but but the battery percentage was not accurate. Their support post-install is what sold me on them. After reporting the issue to their support and a little troubleshooting they provided a replacement battery, shipped in 2 days, at no additional cost.