Replacements for iKlear Travel Singles /What do you clean your screens with?

I bought a box of the iKlear travel singles to keep all of my devices clean.
The box is almost empty, and I’d like to replace them with something different. I can’t say I like the way my screens look after using them. Even though iKlear comes with a wet and a dry wipe, for each application, my screens were always streaky after use. They definitely were cleaner, but not as clean as one would expect.

What do you use to clean the screens of your iOS devices and MacBooks?
Would you recommend them to other users?


A micro fibre cloth is what I use - I bought the amazon basics pack ages ago and threw one in my travel kit, one on my desk and the rest are used around the house for general cleaning.


Same as @RosemaryOrchard. If the screen is extra gunky, I mist a corner of the microfiber cloth a bit with water, then wipe off quickly. I shut devices down before cleaning – for safety, and also to make it easier to wipe the MacBook’s keyboard and (especially) trackpad.

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I use Zeiss Wipes, they are great, dry quickly and leave no streaks or residue on any screen I’ve cleaned. I also use a microfiber cloth for quickly cleaning the screen if I’m rushing which works perfectly well.


I use Zeiss wipes too. They seem to be fine for my glasses, iPhone, and other devices.


Piece of a damp t-shirt

It’s interesting that several of you mentioned ZeissWipes. I buy them at Dollar Tree, 16 for $1 when they are in stock, but I have only been using them on my eyeglasses. I’ll try them on my screens.

I like to clean the Mac KB too, when I clean the screen.

Being environmentally conscious, I use hot breath + a microfibre cloth for a quick clean, a corner of the cloth dipped in hot water and wrung dry for cleaning a slightly greasy or grubby screen/body (followed by polishing off with the remaining dry portion of the cloth), and biodegradable tissues squirted with medical alcohol for a very greasy or grimy screen/body/keyboard (device turned off).

Any kind of wet wipes can either clog drains or sit around for decades at a tip. There’s also a danger of them ending up in the sea and causing endless havoc.

MIcrofiber cloth and glasses cleaner. Sometimes just plain hot water for the case but not much, just neough to dampen the microfiber cloth.

The Kindle Fire that I use for LambTracker is in a case but it gets covered in lamb slime and other fluids. For it I use water and a microfiber cloth or a lamb towel.

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I use Zeiss wipes, but really only for eyeglasses, (400 for $27, lasts for years). Perhaps these ones I use can be used on monitors too, but I’ve never tried.

Since the 80s(?) or 90s I’ve used iKlear pump-spray on monitors, in conjunction with small, non-abrasive, separately-purchased disposable optical lens cloths (560 for $8) originally purchased for my camera lenses (which I use with ROR fluid). Like the OP I’ve usually gotten streaks with the first wipe-down, but it’s usually fine after the 2nd spritz-and-wipe.

It’s not a portable solution, but I don’t need that.

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FYI just noticed this iMore thread in which someone who claimed to have been a former Apple Store employee referred to a cleaner/cloth product I wasn’t aware of called Whoosh

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I’m pretty sure Whoosh comes from Costco. My mom gave me some for Christmas a couple of years back, and my in-laws have some lying around their place, and 90% of what’s in their home comes from Costco.

It’s at Amazon, so I’m not sure it’s a Costco brand.