Replacing iCloud with Dropbox to seamlessly sync photos not working

I’m trying to replace iCloud with Dropbox for my photos, so I can enjoy the same syncing abilities between my iPhone and my iPad where you put a photo in one place and it’s automatically on the other. I’ve followed lots of different instructions, to the point where they each sync with my Mac but not with each other, which I know doesn’t make sense, but somewhere the system isn’t seamless. Is Dropbox supposed to behave just like with iCloud, or is this one of those cases where Apple holds all the cards, and it’s either iCloud or misery? (I’m not using iCloud on principle: I resent having to buy additional storage when I’m already paying so much for my gear.) Advice about trouble-shooting or starting over would be appreciated - thanks!

From what I read online Dropbox should work with your photos as an iCloud alternative, but you will also need to buy the extra storage there. The free option is just 2GB, so that’s going to be full real soon.

Thanks. Yes, I’m already paying the extra storage at Dropbox, which is another reason why I don’t want to have to pay iCloud too. But the sync isn’t working the same. i was hoping someone has figured this out.

To view the photos in the photo app, you will need to pay Apple for iCloud space, as the Photos app is restricted to syncing via iCloud.

However, you can upload images to Dropbox and view them in th Dropbox app. However, this means that if you delete them from the Photos app, you are unlikely to then be able to use them in other apps, unless they support the Dropbox API (or if Dropbox supports Apple’s files app)

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