Replacing text with iOS vs TE

Has anyone out there outsourced their simple snippets from Text Expander to iOS Text Replacement? And how is it working? I’m thinking about doing it as it’s a better solution on the iPad than TE.

I recommend checking out this thread:

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I’ve moved some of my simpler and more commonly used text expansion snippets to the built-in functionality on iOS (email address, phone number, address, etc.). However, I still have more complex snippets that the built-in functionality can’t duplicate. Those remain in TextExpander.


I’ve moved all my snippets from TE to either text replacement for ios and macos, or keyboard maestro for the more involved ones on macos.

Works great for me, and no subscription to be paid!!

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If you don’t have many complex TE snippets then this is definitely fine. The place where I would miss out on greatly is some of the date calculations that I use with TextExpander. The integration in my most used apps makes the keyboard issue not a problem.

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I’m going to go iPad Pro only this spring and as far as I understand, TextExpander doesn’t work very well with external keyboards like the Apple Smar zkeyboard and Magic Keyboard. Is that correct? That’s why I’m gonna switch my simple snippets to iOS text replacement

That is correct. But if you use apps like Ulysses, Drafts, or others that have TE integration then it works with an external keyboard just in those apps but in Safari, Notes, etc it wont when connected

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Probably it will be fixed. Does this mean that no other on-screen keyboard works with external keyboards except for the built-in iOS ones, or is it just TE?

Not sure what you mean by probably will be fixed?

Basically, if you have an external keyboard attached, apps like Text Expander cannot be used with the external keyboard as in typing with the external keyboard. You can bring up the onscreen keyboard with the external attached but it is definitely clunky because you are typing on an upright screen.

I mean that it should be fixed at some point. A clunkyness when using the iPad with an external keyboard and a third-party on-screen keyboard is surely fixable

It has been this way ever since 3rd party keyboards have been allowed. And frankly I don’t think Apple will allow external keyboard access. But we can always hope :slight_smile:
If they did I would probably rethink my TE subscription, but for now it is just not worth it for the few date calculations I can just as easily do in shortcuts or my own head :wink:


So you don’t use TextExpander at all? But you use Shortcuts for smart date and time entry?

I will continue to use TextExpander for those instances of really long text that has to be filled in with blank spots for more specific entry

No, I’ve fully replaced TE with KM on the Mac and shortcuts on iOS for longer entries. For me this works fine, I had some involved snippets, but they were largly replaceable or not necessary,

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I’ve done the same. Although my simple snippets are using the native OS text expansion. It’s worked great. Expansion isn’t inline but I’ve found I can access shortcuts from spotlight via the keyboard quickly enough (and without taking my hands off the keyboard too) so I’ll take it.

Ah, I think my part was not clear enough: I also use native keyboard text expansion for 95% of my snippets, just 5% use KM and Shortcuts