Repurpose an iPad Pro

Amazon Prime Day. This morning I thought about buying an Echo Show, I could have it on my nightstand, it could connect with my existing Echo Dots in the house, and I can use to view several of my Ring Cameras, while keeping it on my nightstand.

Idea Failed.

My wife chimed before I could click purchase and said…what about re-purposing the old 9.7 iPad Pro with the gen 1 apple pencil.

Any ideas…how to keep it always on 24/7 (is that needed) on the nightstand (yes, I will attach a power-source, if needed). But any particular setup or shortcut that would work best?

I’m also assuming it may be best to create a separate apple ID and then add to my family account to avoid any icloud message, app, etc sync issues. I don’t need all of my stuff copied on this device.


You’ll get more use out of the iPad than the Echo Show. I bought a first generation Show on a whim, and find that it’s pretty much just an Echo with pictures. Pretty useless.

Maybe get a 10’ charging cable from Anker so you have a bit of extra room if needed. Also cable clips like this:

If you have room on the family account, another Apple ID could be good. That would allow you to add restrictions if you have children or would like to restrict general usage.